May the Peace Be With You // STOP WARS


I customized this Uniqlo Chewbacca sweatshirt that I bought on sale using embroidery.

フロントにはMay the Peace Be With Youの文字。

The front of the shirt has the words 'May the Peace Be With You'.


バックにはSTOP WARSの文字。

The back has the words 'STOP WARS'.











I bought this T-shirt on Yahoo Auctions for 600 yen. Clearly, it's a parody of Star Wars, but all the characters featured are villains.



Saddam Hussein was behind the chemical weapon massacre of many Kurds and invaded Kuwait after conflicts over oil, while 'Papa Bush' instigated the Gulf War in 1991 to protect America's oil interests (Episode I). His son, Bush Junior, was persuaded by neocons Cheney and Rumsfeld to invade Iraq in 2003 based on what turned out to be false allegations that Iraq was in possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Episode II). He also ordered Hussein's execution in 2006.


The somewhat hysterical American reaction to the September 11 attacks ultimately lead to the death of Saddam Hussein, a necessary evil. I cannot help but think that his death opened a Pandora's box that has in turn unleashed a series of terror attacks across the world(Episode III). Although Hussein called the Gulf War the 'mother of all battles', perhaps it was the 'mother of all hatred' instead (FYI, Star Wars Episode III is titled 'Revenge of the Sith').



I recently customized this wool hoodie from A.P.C. using embroidery.


The famous 'Parisien' has been embroidered Yokohama-style.  I also changed the color of the cuffs in order to match the navy embroidery .



In addition, a raccoon dog (tanuki) hides under the hood instead of fox (kitsune).



Surprisingly, while foxes are seen all over the world, raccoon dogs are actually of Far East origin and fairly rare. Recently, however, they've also been seen in Europe. Perhaps this tanuki will be spotted in Paris someday. 

ニセモノ考(続き) // Original No Fake ? (continued)


To tell the truth, the real story begins here.


The word 'fake' on the silkscreen came from an image I found on the internet. In order to check if there were any copyright issues, I contacted an American site that I had traced the image down to, but was told that the image in question was not under their control. In the end, I was unable to find out the origin of the image.


Whenever I design pieces or make videos, I try my best to find out who owns the images, but this is often an impossible task. Thus, the t-shirt is 'fake' in more ways than one.


追伸: その、ややこしいFAKEの文字で焼きごてを作りました。いつかニセモノのブランドバックを手に入れたら、ジュッと押し付けてみようと思います。世の中から一つニセモノが減るということで、著作権者には目をつぶってもらえると嬉しいのですが。

Addendum: I recently created a branding iron with that 'fake' word. One day, I hope to test it out on a fake designer bag. I would be grateful if you could close one eye to the copyright issue - after all, that's one less 'fake' in the world.



ニセモノ考 // Original No Fake ?


The other day, I bought a Comme des Garçons t-shirt on YahXX Auctions. When the t-shirt arrived, I was shocked to discover that it was a blatant fake. I immediately made a complaint to the seller, who responded that he had had no idea that the item was fake. I was then given a refund and asked to get rid of the shirt on my own, which I thought was a bit of a waste. Instead, I decided to silk screen the word 'fake' across the t-shirt.

これって、「オリジナルのニセモノ」なのでしょうか ?


The question is: does that make the t-shirt an original art piece, or does it remain a mere fake?


To be continued...

黄金の80年代 // GOLDEN 80's


Another unforgettable figure from the 80's is the Iron Lady herself, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher rebuilt the struggling British economy and cured what was known as the 'British Disease' through painful reforms.

その当時、ロンドンとフランクフルトはヨーロッパの金融センターの座を争っていましたが、アメリカのサポートによりシティに資本が集まるようになり、優勢だったドイツを逆転してイギリスがその座を獲得しました。この作品「GOLDEN AGE」は、その頃のことを思い出して制作したものです(縦1,120ミリx横1,620ミリ)。

During this time, London and Frankfurt were both struggling to become the financial center of Europe. Due to America's support, capital began flowing to the City, and London soon beat out Germany to become the biggest financial hub in Europe. This piece, titled 'Golden Age' (1120 mm by 1620 mm), is inspired by my memories of this period.



I uploaded another video (digital kamishibai) to accompany this piece. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy Haydn's music, perhaps with a cup of afternoon tea.

天安門奇譚 // Beijing , 4 JUNE 1989


June 4th is around the corner again.


In 1989, Japan was basking in an economic bubble. Meanwhile, the rest of the world was going through turbulent times. In June, the Tiananmen Square Massacre occurred, and in November, the Berlin Wall was finally demolished. The stark contrast between the bloody events in Beijing and the smiling faces of those in Berlin is still etched in my mind.



The base for this piece is a photo of Tiananmen Square from Wikipedia, which I enlarged and printed onto a large canvas (1,185 mm by 2,370 mm). The only part I changed was the portrait (135 mm by 105 mm). Chairman Mao Zedong has been replaced with an image of the bold and rebellious artist Ai Weiwei, wearing a Mao-like wig. During the process, I struggled to bring out the slick texture of the latex wig.