ドナルド・トランプ氏と日本の1980年代 // MAKE JAPAN GREAT AGAIN

このキャップは、インターネットで見つけて早速、アメリカから取り寄せたものです。もちろん、元ネタはお騒がせ大統領候補ドナルド・トランプ氏の 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN' (そのまた元ネタはロナルド・レーガン元大統領の選挙キャンペーンらしい)。

I found this cap online on an American site and promptly ordered it. The words are obviously inspired by Donald Trump's infamous phrase, 'MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN', which in turn came from Ronald Reagan's campaign motto.

この、MAKE OUR WORLD GREAT AGAINシリーズには、日本だけでなくいくつかの国のバージョンがありました。ただし、気をつけなければいけないのは、このキャップを買うと同時に良くわからない宗教団体に寄付したことになること。洒落で買ったにしてはけっこうなリスクでした。

The site that sold the caps had versions with various different countries. However, one thing to take note of is that if you buy the cap, you're also (unwittingly in my case) donating to a mysterious religious organization. In hindsight, my lighthearted decision to buy the cap may have been a bit risky.


レーガン氏が活躍した1980年代は、'Japan as Number One : Lessons for America' なんて本をアメリカ人が書くほど日本経済が元気だった時代。それが、'Japan bashing'は今はもう遠い昔、'Japan passing' はおろか、'Japan nothing'とまで言われる始末。年はとりたくないものです(>o<)。

During the Reagan era in the 80's, Japan was experiencing an economic boom that resulted in American books like 'Japan as Number One: Lessons for America.' These days, we've moved beyond phrases like 'Japan bashing' and 'Japan passing' - today's Japan is being called 'Japan nothing.' Growing old is tough.


On another note, I've also recently uploaded some 80's Japan-US relations themed videos (Digital Kamishibai) I created to go along with the post. Rockefeller Center appears as a sign of the times (It was bought by Mistubishi Jisho during the peak of the Japanese bubble in 1989). Also, take note of the different, older Japanese 10,000 yen bill. Please enjoy the mood of 80's!


タコライス // Taco or Tako ?


Recently, I came into the possession of some salt-marinated Hawaiian octopus via New York. I had spent some time trying to figure out what I wanted to use it for when I happened to remember a story from years ago. A friend from Washington, D.C. had mentioned how disappointed he was when he visited Okinawa and ordered a local dish called taco rice (tacos-flavored ground beef served on a bed of rice with shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa), only to find out that there was no actual octopus (tako in Japanese) in the dish. Inspired by the story, I decided to make 'tako' rice with octopus.



I started by stir-frying garlic in olive oil and adding thinly sliced octopus. I then threw in some left over rice. When all the ingredients were combined and thoroughly mixed, I added chopped tomatoes. After flavoring the dish with Nampla (fish sauce) and black pepper, I finished off the dish with some chopped coriander. I thought about adding butter, but eventually decided against it, which was a good idea - the olive oil and Nampla gave the rice a nice, light texture. I think smoked octopus would work as well.


追伸 : その後、沖縄本島東海岸浜比嘉島に「たこめし」という名物? があることがわかりました。

Update : Apparently there is a place that sells Tako meshi with octopus in Hamahiga Island on the eastern coast of Okinawa. 

パロディ考 // The Ohayo State University


I'm not a huge fan of parodies that attack or make fun of the original source. Thus, I generally avoid creating works that parody individual persons. I like parody designs that are cheerful, positive, and make people laugh a little more.


The source of inspiration for this work was a well-known college in the United States, Ohio State University. When I first heard the name, I thought that 'Ohio' sounded exactly like 'Ohayo', the Japanese word for 'good morning'. That inspired me to create this punny parody t-shirt via Uniqlo Customize.

I hope that the t-shirt showcases both my respect towards the university and an irreverent sense of humor.



祝! 岡崎レスター優勝記念Tシャツ // Cheers, Okazaki! Leicester City Premier League Champions T-shirt

History has been made.



ポイントは、フロント右下のKING POWERの文字。

Congratulations to Shinji Okazaki on his team's big win!
Upon hearing the exciting news, I couldn't resist designing a celebratory T-shirt.
The focal point of this shirt consists of two words, 'King Power'.


There's a bone-tingling twist to this story: Leicester City's unbelievable win may well have been the result of divine intervention. In 2012, the remains of King Richard III were discovered at a humble Leicester City parking lot. On the 26th of March, 2015, the remains were laid to rest at last at the Leicester City Cathedral. Rumor has it that Leicester's amazing run may have been assisted by the late king's ghostly support.


In another twist, Leicester City's sponsor is said to be the owner of King Power, a chain of Thai duty-free shops.


Seems like the power of kings can't be underestimated!